Flash Fiction Stories:

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Flash fiction is an intriguing way for writers to let out their creativity without expending a vast amount of time writing their story as they would to write a novel. Flash fiction stories are more difficult to write due to the limited word count of 1,500 words or fewer.

With a limited number of words to work with writers of flash fiction stories don’t have time to waste on setting, and character creation much less an in-depth plot, and storyline.

Authors of flash fiction stories must grab their reader’s attention from the start and leave them thinking at the end.

Here are some flash fiction stories to grab your attention and leave you using your imagination to create your own stories.

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Enjoy our flash fiction stories - What is Flash Fiction?

The Mars Expedition

By R.G. Ramsey

The Mars Expedition

Terraforming Mars.

Richard Andrews and his company Tim-E-Scapes (Time Escapes) are planning to terraform Mars. Along with the help of NASA and botanists from Japan, they will begin the process of terraforming Mars to make it ready for human habitation.

Have they planned out their mission carefully enough?

Will it be successful?

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Joey’s New Pet

By R.G. Ramsey


How Big Will it Get?

Joey was a student who studied botany and environmental science in school. Less than a year after he graduated, a major earthquake caused a large tsunami to form which damaged the power supply, and cooling of three nuclear reactors on 11 March 2011 in Fukushima, Japan.

Joey was presented with an opportunity to go to Fukushima, Japan and volunteer to help with the examination of the disaster, which he gladly accepted. He would soon discover something greatly affected by the nuclear disaster was there waiting for him.

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Time travel

By R.G. Ramsey

Time Travel

We can. But should we?

Brian Andrews is the grandson of the man most responsible for the discovery of time travel. Brian is wise enough to understand the dangers of traveling through time and the repercussions small changes, or interactions will have in the present, and the future.

Young Larry’s grandfather was also responsible for the discovery of time travel, but he passed away before Larry was born, and before the time travel experiment was successful. Larry has the desire to meet his grandfather, but not the maturity to understand the dangers of time travel.

Can Brian convince him of the dangers?

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The Entity in Brocka

By R.G. Ramsey

The Entity in Brocka

Why is it here?

Dennis and the people of Brocka have been seeing an unknown entity in their normally peaceful, and uneventful town. People there talk of seeing this entity in their dreams, and around town, but nobody knows why it is there.

What is this entity that has appeared suddenly in Brocka, and what does it want from the people of Brocka?

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The Humanitarian Experiment

By R.G. Ramsey

The Humanitarian Experiment

Take Nine.

Riley experienced a life-changing event that would change his destiny forever. Shortly after this life changing incident happened, Riley was in the park begging for money. He was hoping someone, anyone, would offer him humanitarian assistance.

Riley was met with nothing but disgust and animosity while begging in the park. Would Riley find someone to offer him humanitarian aid?

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Lama Yacana’s class

By Lama Sakadagami

Lama yacana’s class

Mindfulness of the Present.

Bodhi Dukkhan, the son of a farmer, was a regular student of Lama Yacana along with many others in Anderan. Lama Yaccana’s lesson today is, “Mindfulness of the present moment.”

The people of Anderan have been feeling restless lately, and Lama Yaccana was trying to teach them the importance of mindfulness. Would he be successful in his teachings, or would his words fall on deaf ears?

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Roger’s Life Changing Lesson in Thailand

By R.G. Ramsey

Roger’s life changing lesson in Thailand

Life can be a cruel teacher.

Roger was a hardworking man who was tired of his ordinary, average existence in America. He was looking for a change of scenery, and a new beginning far away from where he was.

He found this new beginning in Thailand with Som Jai. Thailand is on the other side of the Earth from America, and as far away from his average existence as he could get. Was Som Jai the love of his life, or his biggest mistake?

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