Time Travel

By R.G. Ramsey

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Time Travel

We can. But should we?

“Thank you all for coming to our time travel conference.”

“My name is Brian Andrews. My grandfather was part of the team that first discovered the dynamics of time travel. Not only is everything composed of atoms, but everything is energy and vibrations as well. Even time-space is just different vibrational frequencies.”

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“The vibratory frequency of the room we are all in was different just one minute ago than it is now, and this vibratory frequency can be measured. My grandfather’s team was the first to discover the mathematical formula to measure these frequencies.”

“Here in 2162, we have the distinction of having the first seven prime numbers as our vibratory frequency. So if you ever find yourself lost in time now you know the first part of the frequency is 2357111317 to return you to 2162,” Brian said with a laugh.

“The rest of the frequency is a four-digit number from 0001 - 8760 which of course represents the number of hours in a year. You could also use a decimal point followed by 0001 - 3600 representing seconds in an hour for more precise time travel coordinates.”

“Be mindful when using a decimal point. Misplace a decimal point, and you could find yourself running from a T-rex, or in some distant future where humans may not even exist anymore.”

“I am speaking hypothetically of course as time travel is strictly regulated. The general public will not be able to open the electromagnetic wormhole necessary to travel through time.”

“Shortly after discovering time was composed of different frequencies, the method of opening a wormhole was also discovered. There is only one known substance that is capable of generating the electromagnetic field necessary to travel through time.”

“This substance is only found on Jupiter’s moon Io. The volcano’s there spew out gas, as well as a dark yellow colored lava that hardens into a crystallized form. This crystallized form when heated turns back into a gel-like substance, and when combined with liquid oxygen becomes a new substance that was first used to increase jet propulsion.”

“More research was done later, and they found when the gel taken from Io’s moon was combined with a different earthly substance, it could produce an electromagnetic wormhole when electricity was added to it.”

“A popular handheld device was used by musicians back then to change the vibratory frequency of their music, which would influence the emotional state of their listeners.”

“This device was modified to change the vibrational frequency of the wormhole to match the frequency of the time one wants to travel to, and all that is left to do is walk through the wormhole, and you will instantly be in the time you set the frequency to.”

“That is how time travel is accomplished.”

“Thank you for listening. Please welcome our next speaker Angela who will talk about the dangers of time travel. “

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Brian left the stage and was joined backstage by Larry Williams whose grandfather was also part of the team that discovered time travel. Larry was just seventeen, and Brian was old enough to be his father.

“Great speech sir,” Larry said.

“Thank you, my friend, I am pleased you came.”

“I wouldn’t miss it. My grandfather was an important part of the discovery too. I wish I could have met him,” Larry said.

“I remember first meeting him when I was ten. He was a good man. He was very intelligent and great at critical thinking. He would toss a problem around in his head until he figured it out. He also had a great sense of humor, when his mind wasn’t problem-solving,” Brian said.

“I remember your grandfather passed away in 2141 after a car accident, just before they figured out how to change the frequency of the wormhole for time travel. He never got to see the end result, but I am sure he would be proud of their accomplishment.”

“What if we went back in time, and stopped him from getting into a car accident so he could be there to see his time travel dream become reality,” Larry asked sheepishly?

“You must not think those thoughts, Larry. Time travel must never be used to alter the past. Even a seemingly innocent remark to someone in the past could change their thinking and alter the future. Be proud of your grandfather, but let the present be as it is,” Brian said.

“Will you be at the lab tomorrow? I will be there to help out. I want to be part of the team that creates a warp drive for interstellar travel. I have some great ideas, and a revised mathematical formula to share with everyone,” Larry said.

“I will not be there, but I look forward to hearing your ideas later. If you are like your grandfather you will be the one to figure out warp drive.”

“Thank you, sir,” Larry said.

The next day Larry showed up at the lab, it was empty except for one other person.

“Where is everybody,” Larry asked?

“Crazy day today. They are having a meeting. Can you help me take these supplies into the storage room please,” he asked?

“Sure,” Larry said.

The man received a call and told Larry he had to leave but would be back as soon as he could.

“Just put this stuff on the left-hand side. Thank you,” he said.

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Larry had never been in the storage room that had always been locked before. The top box he carried in was labeled hydrogen peroxide. “Why would they need a case of peroxide,” Larry wondered?

He set the boxes down on the left hand side and turned around. There in front of him was a shelf with flasks labeled Io gel, and beakers with a blue liquid labeled liquid oxygen.

Under that were several large unlabeled test tubes with a green liquid in them.

Just below that was a tesla coil with a metal holder above it about the same size as a large test tube, and two small devices that looked like old remote controls.

“That must be it, the time travel device,” Larry thought.

He peaked his head out of the door to see if anybody was watching.

“If I hurry I can meet my grandfather and nobody will know if I get back before they return. Take it outside dummy you don’t want to be stuck in an unknown building. Come on hurry up,” Larry thought to himself.

Larry stuck a test tube of green liquid in his pocket, grabbed a remote and the tesla coil, and went out the back exit of the lab.

He connected the tesla coil, opened the test tube, and placed it in the holder and turned it on.

Blue electricity shot out of the tesla coil and activated the liquid in the test tube which opened a wormhole.

“Now how do I work this device? I know the frequency for right now, what would it be for a week before he was in the car accident? Come on think faster. Okay, I got it.”

Larry typed in the frequency and pointed the device at the wormhole causing it to pulsate, then he walked through it. Instantly the scenery around him changed, and the building was no longer there.


He walked to the main road and things didn’t look right. Was he in the right year?

He approached a man and said, “Excuse me sir do you know what today’s date is?”

“Today is June first,” he replied.

“What year is it,” Larry asked?

“Why it is 2119,“ he said with a laugh.

“Sorry sir, I am a little forgetful today,” Larry said with a smile

. Larry walked away and thought about his unfortunate mistake.

How did I screw that up?

I came back 22 years too far.

I might as well go back to 2162 now.

Oh no! I only brought one test tube. How do I get back now?

Even if I did find my grandfather, the first sample of Io gel won’t be brought back to earth for another 10 years.

How did I get myself into this mess?

“I should have listened to Brian,” Larry thought with a tear in his eye.

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