The Bangkok Time Travel Experience

By R.G. Ramsey

Bangkok Time Travel

Where Am I Now?

Jacob Adler sat in his condo in Bangkok, Thailand playing a second-hand guitar that he bought to continue enjoying a hobby he first developed as a young child.

He enjoyed the fingerpicking style of playing his guitar and always favored playing Beatles-era music.

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Here Comes the Sun was one of his favorite songs to play, and one that he was quite skilled at. He loved the melody and the flow of the music.

Three years ago he made the foolish decision to move from America to Bangkok, Thailand. He made this decision after meeting a Thai lady at a beachside bar in California ten years earlier. This trip to a beachside bar would become the biggest mistake of Jacob’s life.

The Bangkok experience took a turn for the worse from the start and just went south from there. Jacob ended up in a condo on the 30th floor in Bangkok depressed, wishing he never met a Thai lady in a beachside bar 10 years earlier.

Having consumed more than a few beers, Jacob Adler stood on his balcony looking down at the slab of concrete 30 floors below him and started thinking, “How did I screw up my life this badly?”

His body became numb, and his eyes filled with tears as he fixed his gaze upon the flat empty slab of concrete far below him, thinking that the chances of survival jumping from this height were zero.

The only option he felt he had left was to jump. There was no way he was going to start over again with nothing at 50 years old.

“If I have to start all over again, I want to start from rebirth,” Jacob Adler thought as he gazed into the abyss.

Jacob swung both of his legs over the balcony before jumping over it with surrender in his heart.

The 30 story drop to his demise took longer than he planned. He placed his arms over his eyes to avoid the view of the ground quickly getting closer, and then he saw a flash of light before he walked into a pasture full of alfalfa.

The smell of alfalfa was one he knew well, but he couldn’t identify it by sight. He looked up and saw a starry night sky, and wondered how he had gotten there.

Then he noticed a humanoid figure approaching him, surrounded by a white glow. This creature seemed familiar to him, but Jacob did not know who it was.

“It’s not your time. You must go back,” said the angelic figure.

“But there is no chance I can survive that fall,” replied Jacob.

“We will send you back to an earlier time in your life to try again.”

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Jacob then experienced a falling sensation again before coming to an abrupt stop. He lifted his head up from a seated position and looked around him. Children who looked to be five or six years old were sitting at desks around him.

Disorientated he tried to focus his eyes on his new surroundings. He did not know where he was, but it seemed strangely familiar to him. He realized he was in a classroom when the teacher came into view, and it instantly occurred to him he was back in his kindergarten classroom.

“Jacob… Jacob Adler, are you paying attention?”

“Yes, Mr.… (What was his name?) Yes, Mr. Moreno I am listening.”

“Good, come on up to the board and answer this math problem.”

“Single-digit math, I think I can handle this.” Jacob thought before writing the correct answer.

“Well done, Jacob.”

“Now class it is music time,” said Mr. Moreno as he played Twinkle Little Star.

“Did you know that Twinkle Little Star, and The Alphabet Song are the same?” Mr. Moreno said.

“Did you know your C string is out of tune and burning my ears?” Jacob thought.

After what seemed like an hour of auditory torture for Jacob, Mr. Moreno finished playing and dismissed the class.

“Okay, it is time to go home, everyone,” Mr. Moreno said.

Great! Now, how do I get home? I remember walking to school, but I don’t remember if someone came and got me, or if I have a key. This will be interesting.

Ten Days Later

“Thanksgiving will be here soon, Jacob Adler, I want you to come up to the front of the class and write the word pie on the board and draw a picture of a pie with eight pieces.”

“I need to let Mr. Moreno know I am a fifty-year-old man from the future trapped in the body of a six-year-old child who used to be me.”

“I have an idea, Jacob thought as he approached the blackboard.”

Jacob Adler walked up to the chalkboard and drew a short line across the chalkboard with a line going down on the left-hand side, slightly curved at the bottom, on the right side he drew a line going down with a more profound outward curve.

Underneath it, he wrote 3.14159265. (What six-year-old child can do that Jacob thought.)

The class erupted with laughter and made comments about how stupid Jacob was.

Mr. Moreno looked at Jacob with a look of shock on his face.

Jacob looked back at his teacher, put the palms of his hands together, touched his index fingers and thumbs together and interlocked the rest of his fingers together before placing his thumbs under his chin, and his index fingers under his nose and said, “That is correct Mr. Moreno, isn’t it?”

Mr. Moreno asked Jacob to remain after class that day.

After the rest of the class left the room, some of whom laughed at Jacob for being punished on their way out, Mr. Moreno said, “Mr. Adler, you have been acting strangely the past week.”

“Actually, it has been for the last ten days, but who is counting,” Jacob said.

“What is going on with you lately?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Jacob replied. “How about I show you? Can I play your guitar?” Jacob asked.

“You know how to play the guitar?” said Mr. Moreno.

Jacob didn’t respond. He just picked up the guitar and said, “Your C string has been out of tune for the past 10 days. It is driving me crazy. I need to tune your guitar first.”

Mr. Moreno, although perplexed, made a hand gesture that gave his approval.

After tuning the guitar Jacob started playing “Here Comes the Sun” flawlessly, like he had been doing it for many years. Mr. Moreno enjoyed listening to Jacob play and said, “That was great! Can you play, Time in a Bottle” by Joe Croce.

“That is a great tune,” said Jacob, before playing it.

“Time in a bottle. I remember wishing I could go back in time to fix my past, and not move to Thailand. Of course, moving forward I will not make that mistake again, but I don’t want to live this life all over again. I need to go forward in time now to just before I made my first trip to Thailand,” Jacob thought as he played the song.

“Time travel is what I need to do. I remember reading about a researcher who was working on a teleportation device and was having success with sending inanimate objects over short distances. I read about his failures, the changes he made to achieve success, and the short random time travel jumps that occurred from these changes.”

“William Bryson, that was his name. I need to find William Bryson and convince him to start his research and experiments now. He will never listen to a six-year-old child and will never believe the truth, but I have to try it is my only chance to fix this.”

“I will show him how to make the teleportation device work based on what I read in his research. Then we must discover a way to control the time travel events to make them purposeful and exact.”

“Luckily Nibiru 13, The Division of Time Travel prevention does not exist yet so there will be no one to stop us. Us… as if you have already joined him…”

Now, what do I tell Mr. Moreno when I am finished playing?

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