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Affiliate Marketing:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is promoting, advertising, and selling other people’s or company’s products, and earning a commission for each sale made from your efforts.

Affiliate Marketing is a great business model, as it doesn’t require you to keep product inventory, or even create a product to sell yourself. There are two key parties in affiliate marketing, the merchant, and the webmaster who is an affiliate for the merchant to sell their products. (You don’t need to be a webmaster to earn money from affiliate marketing)

The Merchant is the person, or company, who created or is selling the product, or service. This can be a large corporation such as Amazon, a service based company such as a hotel or travel booking company, or an entrepreneur trying to advertise their product or services.

The Affiliate is often referred to as a publisher and is the one who makes the magic happen by using their marketing skills to entice potential customers to purchase the products or services from the merchant in exchange for a share of the revenue earned from the customer.

There is an agreement made between the merchant, and the affiliate marketer on what the commission will be for every product, or service sold, there will also be rules and regulations you must follow that will be found in the merchants normally lengthy affiliate agreement.

The government of most countries also have regulations requiring you to clearly state that you are an affiliate of the product or service you are promoting, and may receive a commission from the sale of the product. They require this near the top on your webpage, before your first affiliate link.

How To Promote Affiliate Links.
The most common way to promote affiliate links is to be a Webmaster / Blog Owner and write an article related to the product or service that you are promoting, such as writing an article about traveling, and including a link to a hotel booking site.

Another popular way is to write a review article about the product or service, and use your copywriting and marketing skills to influence consumers to make a purchase from your affiliate links.

Pinterest is another method people use to advertise their affiliate links. If you as a consumer are looking for information about a subject that interests you, you may come across a pin that leads you to a book on Amazons website about the subject you were searching for. This is an affiliate link of the person that created the pin.

What are your favorite ways to advertise your affiliate links?

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