The Entity in Brocka

By R.G. Ramsey

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The Brocka Entity

Why is it here?

Dennis awakened from his sleep trembling with fear. His dream was the same every night. Now awake he felt there was something otherworldly in the room with him.

Many people in the town of Brocka would talk in whispers about experiencing sleep paralysis and feeling the presence of a stranger, a demon maybe in the room with them. What else other than a demon could be capable of such actions?

His wife Mary tried to comfort him as he laid in bed next to her in a cold sweat still shaking.

“Is it him again,” Mary asked?

Dennis could only breathe deeply as he gazed blankly into his wife’s eyes.

Neither of them spoke about it the next morning, as it was becoming a regular occurrence.

Dennis and Mary were shopping for supplies the next morning around the small town of Brocka when they approached Miss Margret’s coffee shop and bakery.

“Let’s go inside and have a cup of coffee and some honey biscuits dear,” Mary said to Dennis. “I know you didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Coffee sounds good, and honey biscuits sound better,” Dennis replied.

“Well good morning Miss Margret, how are you this beautiful morning,” Dennis bellowed as he walked in the door.

“I am doing great Mr. Dennis, if I had any complaints, nobody would listen anyway,” she answered with a laugh.

“So what will it be for my best customers today,” Margret said.

“The usual,” Dennis and Mary answered in unison.

As Margret prepared their order, Mary sat down, and Dennis waited at the counter to take their order back to the table.

Dennis saw something move out of the corner of his eye. He looked over at it, and immediately felt the familiar presence that had been terrorizing his dreams.

Miss Margret brought their order over to the counter and noticed Dennis staring off into space. She glanced over to see what Dennis was looking at, her jaw dropped, and she had a look of terror on her face.

Dennis noticing her reaction, even though he was scared himself managed to say, “You see it too, don’t you. Please tell me you see him too Miss Margret.”

“No Mr. Dennis, I don’t see nothing,” Margret said, “And don’t you go telling folks otherwise, ya hear? I don’t see him, there is nothing there. I SEE NOTHING!”

Dennis knew exactly why Miss Margret responded the way she did and quickly paid for his order.

He went back to where his wife was sitting and said, “Come on, we need to leave right now.”

“What’s wrong dear? What is it,” Mary asked?

“Let’s go. RIGHT NOW,” Dennis replied!

Mary looked over at Margret and saw Margret standing catatonically with her head bowed in prayer as they left.

“What is going on around here lately Dennis, what is it you all see,” Mary asked?

“I don’t know Mary, I don’t know.”

“We need to go talk to Maurice the spiritual advisor, he will know,” Mary said.

“Maurice lives a good 30-minute walk from here. Do you truly want to walk that far,” Dennis asked?

Mary didn’t respond, she just kept walking. They encountered other citizens of Brocka on their way to see Maurice. The normally personable citizens were now distant and withdrawn.

They just looked down at the ground, seemingly afraid to make eye contact.

When they reached the home Maurice lived in they were apprehensive about knocking on the door, even after 30 minutes of walking in silence neither had thought about what they would say when they got there.

Dennis knocked gingerly on the door before taking a deep breath.

The Entity in Brocka

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“Hello folks, what can I do for you today,” Maurice asked as he answered the door?

“I need to talk to you about dreams I have been having… and… a ghostly man I have been seeing lately,” Dennis said.

Maurice looked around to see if anyone else was watching before inviting them in.

“Tell me about this ghostly man you have been seeing,” Maurice said.

“Sometimes I see him in my dreams, and can feel him in the room with me when I awaken.”

“Today in Miss Margret’s cafe I saw him just staring back at me, ” Dennis said.

“This ghostly man you speak of, I have seen him too. Yesterday while I was in my garden he spoke to me,” Maurice said.

“I have never seen this ghostly man. What did he say,” Mary asked?

“Him tell me, his name is David, and he is here to observe all of us,” Maurice said.

“What does David want? Why won’t he leave us alone,” Dennis asked?

“I don’t know what him want, I don’t know why David is here,” Maurice said.

“Stay away from me David! Brocka doesn’t want you here, leave us all alone,” Dennis yelled out!

The familiar voice of his teacher startled him from his brain fog. “David what is your story about,” Mr. Andrews asked. “David are you with us today?”

The classroom erupted in laughter at their teacher’s condescending tone.

David startled back into consciousness replied, “Sorry Mr. Andrews I was just doing what you told us. You told us to immerse ourselves into our story and visualize ourselves interacting with the characters in our story.”

“Now that you are back in the room with the rest of us, tell us about your story,” Mr. Andrews said.

“My story takes place in the town of Brocka, the main characters are Dennis and Mary. They enjoy having breakfast at Margret’s cafe. Dennis sure loves her honey biscuits.” David said.

“Most of the people just seem to walk around aimlessly staring at the ground as I visualize myself there. Maybe they will establish a routine worth observing soon. I have been trying to see myself talking to Dennis so I can develop his character better, but he doesn’t respond. “

“It sounds like you are off to a good start David, keep trying to immerse yourself in the story,” Mr. Andrews said.

“I will. Next time I will visualize myself talking to Mary, I wonder how she will respond.”

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