Time Escapes Inc.

By R.G. Ramsey

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Time Escapes Inc.

The Introduction.

“Every day I Bradley Nelson arise in a country controlled by The Republic of Unity. I do my best to take care of my family like a law-abiding citizen should, not that they give us any choice.”

“The division of we decide what pleases you and you will learn what we say you need to know, as I choose to call them, oversees everything, but somehow Time Escapes Inc. seems to outrank them, or maybe every government organization fears them.”

“I am exposed to Time Escapes Inc. propaganda daily. Why do I, a simple man who cannot afford their services, keep hearing about it, is the universe trying to tell me something?”

“Someday hopefully I will get invited on a trip to their private Island.”

The advertisement from Time Escapes Inc. is always the same, no matter what your preferred method of entertainment and education is.

“Come see us for an unforgettable time travel adventure. Visit the future, or the past, and see the truth for yourself.”

“Our motto is, Travel through time with us. When do you want to go?”

There were always groups of well-to-do people going on a free trip to Time Escapes Private Island. A group of fifteen people arrived on a sultry day in June to find out about their services.

Richard Andrews would always greet his guests with a big smile on his face.

“Welcome to Time Escapes INC. Time Travel Adventures. I am Richard Andrews, one of the founders of Time Escapes INC. Time Travel Adventures. We would like to welcome you to our private island where we can offer you the most unique time travel vacation you have ever experienced.”

“As you may know, time travel is strictly prohibited and regulated by The Republic of Unity’s (formerly known as America) division of Anti-Time Travel Enforcement known as Nibiru-13.”

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“Nibiru-13 was named after the wayward planet that time forgot, and one step higher in security clearance than the Majestic-12.”

“The one division of military intelligence that has a higher security clearance is Osiris-14, the division of Remote-Viewing and Inter-dimensional travel. As the name implies, inter-dimensional travel is synonymous with time travel.”

“One of our engineers is a former member of Osiris-14. According to him, Nibiru-13 is so engrossed in making sure Osiris-14 does not successfully engage in inter-dimensional travel while also initiating a time travel incident as well, that they pay little attention to anything else.”

“Many other countries have joined with The Republic of Unity, forming their own Anti-time travel enforcement divisions. I can assure you however that we are quite safe here, and out of the jurisdiction of the pundits who are against time travel.”

“Time Escapes Inc. makes the rules on our private island in international waters; their Neanderthal beliefs do not apply to us. Rest assured, your money is well spent here with us. No division of anti-time travel enforcement from any country can touch us here.”

“We do however have rules you must follow, especially in our time travel excursions into the past to avoid any disruptions, namely alterations in your favor of past events.”

“If you choose a time travel adventure into the past, we will only allow you to travel to time periods before your birth, this is to help ensure you will not influence your future.”

“You may not communicate with any family members in the past and you will have little to no contact with anyone you encounter on your trip.” “We will provide you with a chaperone to help guide you on your time travel adventure.“

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Time Escapes Inc. Travel Through Time With Us.

“My grandfather Brian Andrews told me about the early days of time travel. They used devices that resembled a tesla coil combined with a liquid only found on one of the moons of Jupiter.”

“They also had to know how to calculate the precise coordinates to take you to the time which you planned to travel to.”

“As every child knows, earth spins at roughly 460 meters per second at the equator; earth also revolves around the sun at a speed of nearly 30 km per second. The Milky Way spins at 210 km per second, and travels across the universe at great speed.”

“Therefore, you are moving on earth, the earth is moving around the sun, the sun is moving around the Milky Way, and the Milky Way is moving around the universe at a combined speed of 853 km per second.”

“Input the coordinates even slightly off and who knows when or where you would have ended up in your time travel adventure.”

“According to my grandfather, there was a young man who used to volunteer at the lab from time to time, no pun intended, named Larry.”

“Larry was obsessed with going back in time to meet his grandfather because he was one of the group who first discovered time travel, but sadly he passed away in an accident before it was made public, and Larry didn’t feel his grandfather got the credit he deserved.”

“One afternoon while everyone else was in a meeting, Larry was in the lab alone, and one of three time travel devices was there. After the meeting ended, both Larry and the time travel device were gone.”

“They did not know when in time Larry sent himself to, but none of them remembers seeing him around his grandfather in the past. If Larry intended to go back in time to meet his grandfather, his calculations were incorrect.”

“Luckily, now that interstellar and inter-dimensional travel are more commonplace, we have much more precise means of accurately calculating the exact time travel equations.”

“We now use an egg-shaped pod to travel through time that will hold up to five travelers and their gear. The egg shape is necessary to properly form the electromagnetic field around the time travel pod.”

“We make the pod using platinum, the rounded ends both have a pyramid-shaped covering over it made of pure gold. Earlier versions were just egg-shaped, this simple shape didn’t produce an electro-magnetic field that was strong enough.”

“The energy field starts at the small end and travels to the large end where it is amplified, and sent back to the smaller end which adds more energy to it sending it back to the large end until it is strong enough to alter the frequency.”

“Once we initiate the electromagnetic field, we simply increase the vibratory frequency of it and alter the atomic structure of the pod and everything in it.”

“This will merge the pod and occupants into a different dimension, once there we can quickly and easily move to another area of three-dimensional earth, and to a different time period as well. Then we slow the vibratory frequency of the electromagnetic field back down, and we are back in the third dimension.”

“I can guarantee you Time Escapes Inc. can safely take you anywhere on earth, to any time you want to visit for your next vacation.”

“Please join us in our restaurant / gift shop where our representatives can assist you in planning your time travel adventure with Time Escapes Inc.”

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