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Guiding The Story From Within.

There are many of you out there who would like to write an e-book, but you have no idea where to begin. Our E-book Guidance will inspire, and guide you along your path to E-book success.

There is a story that dwells within each of you that is just waiting to be written into an e-book. The hardest part about the process is for you to begin writing your story, and release the thoughts and ideas from within you, and express them in a more tangible format. The first step, beginning, is indeed always the hardest.

You may believe that you cannot possibly write an eBook, or that writing is not something that you are proficient at, but just like anything in life it is always difficult in the beginning. Just like riding a bike, you are going to make mistakes, and want to quit as it seems like a difficult task to accomplish, but if you don’t give up, and keep trying, it will become easy, and second nature to you.


Motivational Qotes For Writers

Writers can be the worst for getting distracted while they should be working on their writing project. According to author Jerry Jenkins writers are the only people who can use being blocked as an excuse for not working.

Motivational Quotes For Writers

Pomodoro Technique

When I first heard about the Pomodoro Technique, I was skeptical. It was first explained to me by a digital nomad from Germany a few years back at a Thai language school I attended in Bangkok, Thailand.

He told me the idea behind it was to just focus on working for a set period of time, and then take a brief break. This didn’t make much sense to me since my mindset was to work on my creative endeavors when my mind was in the zone and take a break when my mind needed a rest.

Pomodoro Technique

National Novel Writing Month

National novel writing month is also known as NaNoWriMo. It is a month-long novel writing challenge that occurs every November which participants from all over the world take part in a challenge to write a 50,000 word rough draft of their novel.

National Novel Writing Month

Article Writing For SEO-Optimization

If you want to write a high-performance article that rockets ahead of your competition, you must use your creative mind, and your logical mind together to engage in article writing. You must go through the steps the same as a professional driver would, to propel his car ahead of everyone else.

Article Writing For SEO-Optimization


The Mars Expedition

“We will begin this adventure by launching our main engine spacecraft to Mars with four pods attached to it. One pod will carry the supplies we will need later, and equipment on board to communicate with satellites orbiting above Mars, which will transmit the signal back to Earth.”

The Mars Expedition – Part One

Joey's New Pet

“He looked down and saw the biggest damn spider he had ever seen in his life. It wasn’t a colorful spider with red, blue, or yellow markings that seemed to be Mother Nature’s warning label to let us homo-sapiens know to stay the hell away from it, it was a dark brown spider with two golden rings around each leg.”

Joey's New Pet

Time Travel

“Shortly after discovering time was composed of different frequencies, the method of opening a wormhole was also discovered.There is only one known substance that is capable of generating the electromagnetic field necessary to travel through time.”

Time Travel

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