10 Fail-Proof Strategies to Achieve your Writing Goals.

Writing Goals

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” -Henry David Thoreau

What is your writing goal?

Do you want to write a 3000 plus word blog post?

Are you writing a flash fiction story?

Are you committed to writing your first novel?

Is a collection of short stories the first writing goal you want to achieve?

Everyone has a goal that drives them to work hard and focus their attention on completing an important task. Writers have goals to create content for their blog or finish a novel they started but never completed. With the right strategies, writing goals are easier to achieve.

Follow these 10 simple steps to accomplish your writing goals.

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1: Write your goals down.

The first thing you must do if you have a writing goal is to write it down. Writing it down is the first step to moving your goal from your imagination to manifestation. This is true for any goal, not just writing goals.

Think about what the end goal that you want to accomplish is. Contemplate not only why you want to accomplish it, but how you plan to make it happen.

Place your written goal in someplace you can see it every day and read it aloud.

2: Take action to achieve your writing goals.

Writing your goal starts the ball in motion, but it is not enough. You must take action if you want to achieve your writing goals.

Neither you, nor I, nor anybody else will accomplish their writing goals if we don’t begin writing. Putting words on paper, or our fingers on the keyboard is what it truly takes from a physical point of view to accomplish our writing tasks.

Having our mental state in the right place is important as well for our success, and is a prerequisite before we delve into physically writing our content.

3: Know your subject well to achieve your writing goal.

Do your research and verify your facts, or your readers who are more knowledgeable than you, and less civil than you, will let you know about your mistake.

Being knowledgeable about what you are writing about allows your writing to flow smoothly, and this confidence emanating from your soul lets your readers know with certainty that you are a valuable resource of information in your niche. Getting your readers to read your content to its conclusion should be the goal of every writer.

4: Start with writing an amazing title and headline.

You need to create the perfect title and headline for the article or story that you are writing to grab your reader’s attention.

Eighty percent of people will read your headlines, but only twenty percent will read the rest of your content.

You only have a handful of words to entice your readers to read your content or your book. After they move forward from your title, you have fifty words to a few paragraphs to convince them to keep reading.

If part of your writing goal is to get readers to read, and more importantly tell their friends about your content, than you must grab their attention from the beginning, not wait until the end to say, “Gotcha.”

Movies such as, “The Sixth Sense”, and “The Others” can get away with a shocker at the end, more than a novel that fails to grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning.

I wrote an article entitled, "How to write an amazing article for your Blog that gets numerous views" Read it here.

5: Look for groups of writers on social media.

Facebook has groups where writers of different levels of experience and levels of talent go to hang out and meet like-minded people. People there ask for advice about their writing, or ask for opinions about something they are stuck on in the plot of their story or character development.

Most of the people in these groups are polite, friendly, and helpful. If you are looking for opinions of what your title should be after rounding it down to several choices, Facebook writer groups are the place to ask. Most people will tell you their favorite option, and why they picked that one.

If you want a critique partner or some constructive criticism you will find that there as well. You will meet fellow writers in Facebook groups who will hold you accountable if you state your goals there and fail to pursue them.

Don’t spend too much time there, you have writing goals to accomplish.

6: Read articles on blogs such as this one to inspire you to become a successful writer.

If there is a question about writing that you are unsure of, a simple Google search about your question will bombard you with results. Most people will click the first option unless the headline of the second option is much more interesting.

Some internet surfers just hit and run, or read and run in this case. After they find the solution they are looking for they will be gone for good, while others will be interested in reading other informative articles related to their question.

After you find what you are looking for, wander around and look for other articles that may interest you to increase your knowledge and wisdom about the topic you searched for. If it helps you achieve your writing goals it is worth spending time reading.

Spending time exploring useful blogs is important, but not as important as doing the work to accomplish your goals. Increasing your knowledge runs a close second though.

7: Break your writing goals down into small steps.

Performing baby steps makes your writing goals more realistic to achieve. Our goal may seem insurmountable if we just look at the big picture of its grandeur, but if we break it down into small steps, it will be much easier to achieve.

Just like building a house one brick at a time, write your content one word at a time. Give yourself a small writing task and get it done.

8: Use writing rituals to efficiently achieve your writing goals.

Writing rituals will help us accomplish our writing goals. If we have a habitual routine we do every day, accomplishing our writing tasks will become easier. Doing the same thing every day will train our brain to focus on the things we choose and complete the goals we focus on.

I wrote an article about Writing Riuals Go have a look to learn more.

9: Believe in yourself to accomplish your writing goals.

The power our belief has to affect our outcomes has been well known for many thousands of years. If you believe you are a writer, you will have more confidence to reach your writing goals.

Your belief in yourself and a positive attitude will help you achieve many of your desires in life. Try it yourself and enjoy the positive results you achieve.

I have written an article entitled, “Do you believe you are a writer?” Go check it out.

10: Set deadlines and hold yourself accountable.

Give yourself until a certain time, or day to accomplish your writing goals. The only person you have to answer to is you for your failure to achieve your writing goals, so hold yourself accountable.

Make it a realistic deadline, but also one that requires you to keep your nose to the grindstone to complete it.

Good luck with completing all of your writing goals. I believe in you.

R.G. Ramsey

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