Why Untidiness Hampers Your Creativity

By R.G. Ramsey

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Untidiness Hampers Your Creativity

Is your life cluttered?

Like it or not, our actions in physical reality transpose themselves upon our mental state. Our inability to complete simple tasks create clutter in our minds that will zap our creativity.

People will attribute their lack of creativity to writer's block, but their untidiness and their procrastination is the true reason for their lack of ability to focus on writing. It is the garbage within their minds that distracts them.

Our activities in the physical world can hamper our creativity. There is an expression “As within, so without.” When it comes to writing and creativity, “As without, so within” is equally true.

Let me explain.

I applied for a career as a stockbroker many years ago. Part of the interview process involved taking a written test. I remember one of the questions was a true or false question.

“My desk often looks messy and untidy, but I know where everything is.”

We often allow clutter and messiness into our living environment due to our procrastination. This untidiness permeates into our mind and hampers our creativity.

When you start a task, you must complete it as well.

Start a task, finish a task. Make it your mantra.

Going to bed at night to sleep is starting a task. Making your bed the next morning is finishing the task. Many people neglect to make their bed believing nobody will see it anyway. Some will just toss the top cover upwards giving little effort to making their bed.

When you prepare a meal to eat at home the first part of your task is to cook it which creates dirty dishes, then the food goes on plates, and silverware are used to eat it. When you are finished you are left with a sink full of dirty dishes. The task is not finished until the dishes are clean again.

Many people procrastinate at that point and put off washing the dirty dishes until later. This mindset causes us to habitually leave tasks incomplete.

It is always better to have a clean kitchen, and a well-made bed when you have company over for a surprise visit… Right?

When we choose to complete the task we start by washing the dirty dishes as soon as we are finished eating, and making our beds properly in a way that would make our mothers proud of us, we train our brains to always finish what we start.

Keeping our physical environment clean and tidy will keep our mental state free of clutter as well.

clutter Hampers Your Creativity

Just as it would be difficult to relax in the evening when we know there are dirty dishes in the sink that need washing, it would be difficult to focus on writing when we know we have previous tasks that we still need to complete.

When we start a task and then finish a task from the moment we wake up, our creativity can flow because we will know the only thing to focus on is our writing. When your mind is uncluttered your creativity is allowed to flow at nearly its maximum potential.

How do you get your creativity to flow at its maximum potential?

If you enter into the hypnagogic state you will be able to write at your full potential using Hypnagogic Writing. Many writers have found this to be true even though some have no idea why. The hypnagogic state is the one you enter into just before falling asleep.

The hypnopompic state is the one you are in between sleep and waking back up. If you can shake off the sleep inertia, you may find as many other writers do, this is a great time to do your best writing.

You must believe you are a writer to channel your creative genius. It is difficult to believe you are a writer if your random thoughts dwell on everything that needs to be done except for writing.

Repeat after me, “Start a task, finish a task. Start a task, finish a task.” It will change your life.

Start by making your bed as soon as you wake up. Congratulations you have just completed your first task of the day.

Now start writing, and show us your creativity.

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