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Here in 2021, we are living in the information age. It is very easy to find the information we are looking for online with a simple Google Search. Never in history has everything that we wanted to know been right at our fingertips.

Even though all the world’s information is readily available online, there are many influential books for us to discover to enlighten us, educate us, or change the way we think.

Some people enjoy books that are fiction and allow the author to create a fantasy world for them to immerse their imagination into, while others prefer non-fiction to learn new things, and expand their horizons.

Whichever genre you prefer, we hope we can create a series of books that interest you, and create a reading experience that intrigues you so much, you can’t put it down.

27 Great Classic Books you should experience the pleasure of reading.

Classic Books

What makes a great novel?

There are many definitions for what makes a novel a classic novel. Most readers agree classics are novels of literary significance that have withstood the test of time and still remain popular many years after their initial publication. They contain diverse subject matter that appeal to readers from any time period. Classic novels contain an intriguing story line and writing style that causes readers to become emotionally attached to the characters and their situation.

There are many great books that have been written throughout history, but it is up to the individual reader to decide what is the greatest book ever written. We know when we read a great novel because it inspires us, and changes the way we think.

Hopefully, you will find your favorites included here.

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27 Scariest books by Stephen King to Terrorize Your Dreams.

Scary Stories

What makes a Story Scary?

World-famous author Stephen Edwin King was born on 21 September 1947 in Portland, Maine.

He is an American author well known for his horror and supernatural fiction stories. Stephen King has published 61 novels including seven using his pen name Richard Bachman.

Besides his novels, he has also published five non-fiction books such as, “On Writing”, and over 200 short stories. He is a very busy writer who loves his art.

Stephen King is a PANTSER writer, he writes by the seat of his pants, instead of making out an outline first. When Stephen King writes a story even he doesn’t know how it will end until he finishes writing it.

It is difficult to separate which of Stephen King’s novels, and short stories belong in the horror genre, and which ones merely have a few heart pounding moments in them.

Enjoy Ebook Guidence's list of the scariest stories ever written by Stephen King.

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