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Is your favorite book available as an eBook?

Enjoy reading eBooks on your Kindle, tablet, or mobile device.

eBooks have grown in popularity. Many people prefer reading an eBook on a device such as an Amazon Kindle instead of reading a hard copy of the same book. Even with just 2GB of storage space, a kindle device can hold over 1000 books. That is an extensive collection of books that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

The kindle device can also read your eBook to you. You can cook dinner, or sit and relax while your eBook is read to you. This is another tremendous bonus to buying your books as an eBook. If you don’t already own a Kindle device, you are missing out.

They are inexpensive to purchase on Amazon, and eBooks in your favorite genre are simple to download right to your Kindle device for your reading pleasure.

Do you want to be a writer?

If you want to be a successful writer one thing you must do is read often. Take notice of the choice of words, and grammar the author uses. Notice their writing style, and attention to detail as they create their story, and character development.

Use the wisdom of best-selling authors, and amateur writers you admire to guide your writing voice.

Stephen King:

World-famous author Stephen King was born on 21 September 1947 in Portland, Maine. His first published novel, Carrie, about a bullied teenage girl who discovered she had telekinetic abilities was first published on 5 April 1974.

According to The Vintage News Carrie was based on two girls Stephen knew as a child. One was singled out because she wore the same clothes to school every day. The other girl was an introvert who suffered from epilepsy, had a mother who kept a huge crucifix on the living room wall.

Stephen King has Published many books and short stories. After Carrie he published Salem’s Lot in 1975, The Shinning in 1977, followed by, The Stand in 1978, which has grown in popularity again during this pandemic. If you haven’t already read them, check them out below.

In addition to novels, eBooks are available in every genre you can think of. I have read books / eBooks in many genres and have some favorites to share with you.


Buddhism was started by Siddhartha Gautama, who lived around 500 BCE in what is now Napal. The word “Buddha” is a title that means “One who has awoken.” Buddhism does not worship a creator god, but instead teaches about impermanence, and that desire causes our suffering.

There is much debate about whether Buddhism is a religion, or a philosophy, but regardless of your interpretation of Buddha’s teachings, I know we can all agree that Buddha’s wisdom will lead us all to enlightenment.

Awaken your wisdom with these books about Buddhism.

Esoteric Wisdom:

The word Esoteric is derived from the Greek word “esoterikos”, meaning “belonging to an inner circle”. It is secret wisdom passed down from master to student when the student is ready to learn.

A primary esoteric teaching passed down to students by enlightened masters is the folly of identifying ourselves with our ego, and impermanent physical body instead of our spiritual higher self.

“You are not a human being having a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.” ~Wayne W. Dyer

Learn about the secret teachings from the past from many great eBooks available on Amazon.

Finance, and Investing:

Learning about finance and investing is an important skill. Nobody wants to live paycheck to paycheck, having a passive income will be helpful to everyone. This current pandemic illustrates the perfect example of why it is important to have something to fall back on.

Those who saved for a rainy day and invested for passive income are not effected as much as people who have nothing saved.

Don’t put yourself in that situation in the future, lean about finance, and investing today.

Personal Development:

Personal development is the process of learning, growing and improving your life. It is a lifelong process to change your lifestyle in order to achieve your goals.

Motivational speakers are skilled in guiding us to become our best and give us the drive we need to take action to change our life. Think about your goals and passions. What is stopping you from living the life of your dreams?

Change your life now by reading empowering eBooks on personal development.

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